17 April 2012

O is for Old songs

Kid Sis #3 used to fall asleep to the Quiet Storm at night when she was younger.  I always thought it was strange that this early teenager was able to sing the lyrics to all of these 60s and 70s and 80s songs when she was almost born in the 90s.

But, I can understand her draw since so many of the songs have so much soul.  I used to hear people say that music had soul and think they were insane; now I can totally understand.  Just listen to this one:

This song really gets to me.  It was never a break-up song for me, or anything.

I just think it is so moving and has so much soul.

Such a simple song filled with sadness, happiness, passion, and love.

I hadn't heard the song for about 10 years, but on the way home the other day from school I heard the intro on the radio and suddenly remembered all the lyrics, including the harmonies and echoes.  I still have it in my head every so often each day since.  I always think it is amazing that I can remember songs that I have not even thought of in years.  If only my memory worked as well on other, more important, aspects of my life.

I am not sure what to think about this next video.  I must admit that I was in love with Pac when I was younger.  I was so distraught when he died while I was in high school.  How were we supposed to fulfill both of our fantasies of marriage to each other if he was dead?

There have long been rumors of Tupac sightings and I can't even count how many songs his estate has released posthumously.  Now, he truly lives on.  In hologram form.  Check this video from Coachella 2012:

Here's to remembering all the good music and all the good times!


  1. My mind has that repository of old songs too. I love it when the lyrics just click in place-it takes me back.

    1. They really do just 'click'. Not sure how, but it really is cool!

  2. Now I have Al Green stuck in my head. Could be worse...

    1. At least with this and The Stray Cats song you wrote about you have a good play list in your head!


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