21 April 2012

S is for Selcouth

To some people who don't know me (and some that do know me) I am a selcouth person.

Image source
I am sometimes seen as rarely known.

I guess that is part of my mystic.  Or due to my being a little bit of an introvert.  I am not necessarily shy, just don't need to be in conversation with everyone around me all the time.

I have had several people tell me that before meeting me, the person did not expect me to be so nice, or so funny, or so silly.

I guess I am too selcouth when it comes to my humor with acquaintances.  But, I am often super sarcastic in person and don't initially know how different people will take the jokes and comments I make.

Based on the definition in the image, I will go with the "marvelous" portion to describe me.  That, along with the idea that meeting me reflects a sense of wonder and amazement.


That's me.


  1. Selcouth is a fantastic word!


  2. Thanks! It is definitely one I want to start using more!

  3. I'm also very much an introvert and have had similar experiences. Great post.

    1. Thanks! I think people who aren't introverts sometimes mistake us for shy, which is really not true with many introverts.


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