27 July 2012

Bumper buddy

The other day, while in StL, I saw a man in a parallel-parked car bump into the car behind him before pulling out of the parking space.

Yesterday, in Brooklyn, I saw a car with the Bumper Buddy.  I'm sure that this is an old invention, but I love the idea.

I also love that my car is so small that I can usually fit really easily into parking spaces (regular and parallel).  I just have to make sure that I don't pull all the way into perpendicular or angled spots otherwise a car might think the space is empty and then slam into the back of my non-Bumber Buddy Mini.

Now, if only we could get drivers and walkers to not text or otherwise mess with their phones while doing these activities.  I cannot count how many people I have seen bump into others or swerve in their cars due to their cell phone addictions. 

Once, not to far back in the past, there really were people who took part in life without having to constantly have a technological device in their hands or plugged into their ears.

It's true.  

If you're an adult, I hope you remember those days.

If you are a youth, I know it seems strange, but believe me, it is true.  Some people didn't even own cell phones or music players that could fit easily in the palm of their hands.

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  1. I am one of those adults and I remember those days! The best days ever! No electronic distractions . . . life was so much easier!


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