01 July 2012

Life's jolts

I've done it a few times.  Not completely, but a little bit.

When I went off to college, I got to be different - an individual separated from my siblings and from the impressions I left in hs.  When I moved into an apartment outside of the dorms it was a new reinvention.  When I started teaching in Columbia I was a totally different person than I had been before.  I had friends like I had never had before and did things (in my after school life) that I had never imagined doing and it was all a blast.  When I started teaching in Saint Louis it was a small change.  I had new colleagues that were great.  I had a boyfriend that helped me grow and see and do things differently.  Eventually, I cut off all of my long, straight hair and went natural and short.  When I moved to another district I made more changes.  I started using my first name on official papers.  I dressed more professionally everyday to work.  People had never known me with long hair and I went even shorter - completely shaven.  I moved to a different division of the school and it was even more of a chance for me to be seen differently.  I have reinvented myself in small ways with my family and friends.

These are just a few of the times I have reinvented myself.

I think that reinvention comes in different forms.  The obvious are related to appearance.  Some others are related to a change in mindset.  For me a change in mindset comes from a change of scenery, from a change in perspective, from a change in life associates, from the different jolts life gives me.

Honestly, I feel like I am overdo for a major jolt in my life - a new reinvention.

This was the last Stream of Consciousness Sunday that Fadra is hosting.  I thank her for this and am glad I found it during my quest to find topics to write each day.  I think that the freedom to just write on Sunday has been a great release and has really made me think about different things in my life.  Most of the time, I have written based on her prompts which are often thought provoking.

I think I will continue to do this sort of writing to help me just do brain dumps on Sundays.

You can see the link up on Fadra's site to read more of people's five minute stream of consciousness musings.  Today's writing prompt: What does it mean to reinvent yourself?



  1. Interesting blog title. I've been saying that to myself forever. I'm overdue for a major jolt too, though I was high on happiness 6 short months ago because of a major jolt. How come we can't stay there. I guess life would get really boring if it was that easy. Sound like we are all on the same page with continuing to brain dump at least once a week. So are you in Columbia, SC? I'm from there.

    1. It would be boring if we were constantly at peace with everything - stagnant.

      I was in Columbia, Missouri. But I've heard great things about the one in SC.

      Good luck with finding your next jolt!

  2. Samson was a totally different person after he cut off all his hair, maybe there's something in our hair that directly ties to our self-expression and therefore identification. Very interesting post.

    1. I think our hair really does connect a lot to how we feel. Now, even a new hairstyle changes the way I carry myself.

      Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think we all need a major jolt in our lives every now and then. Like a big giant reset button!

    I hope you'll continue to join in Stream of Consciousness Sunday. It's now being hosted at my place. Here's more information: http://bandbacktogether.com/post/3152/

    1. A reset button would be really great!!

      Thanks for hosting!


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