11 July 2012

July first week photos

Photo-a-day challenge for July hosted by Fat Mum Slim.

Here are pictures from the first week+ of July.

I apologize in advance for failing on some days.

1. Self portrait - I like this image because I've always wanted to be taller.  I know 5'8" is tall for a woman, but if I could just be 5'10" I would be so happy.  I've seen documentaries where people have had their legs broken and rods put in the bones to stretch them.  The people were all really short and ended up growing 1-4 inches.  I'm not willing to go that far.  Perhaps I would have been taller if I had consumed milk in my younger years - I have always despised milk.  I guess even from a young age, I knew that we would not have a good relationship.

2. Busy - Here is (part of) the to-do list I put together for the next day.  I ended up not getting most of it finished on the 3rd - a lot of the items carried over until Friday.

3. Best part of your day - I love the peace I have when I do yoga in the mornings.  I also love that I feel like I am becoming more flexible and developing better posture in the year plus since I have been doing it regularly.  It is also easing my chronic back pain issues - when I do the yoga consistently and fully, I save money by not having to go to the chiropractic doctor.  It is nice to sit and just breathe and (try to) not think about anything.

4. Fun - I forgot to take a picture this day.  There were some cute kids doing fireworks outside for the first time (they were 2-3 years old).  It was fun to watch them.  We could see the downtown fireworks if we stood on the sidewalk, that was cool.  But I missed it all with the camera.

5. On the floor - I love my bathroom floor mats.  They are some kind of wood.  I can clean them easily and that they don't get germy and dingy and gross like a lot of cloth bath rugs.

6. Chair - On my run through a local college campus, I noticed that they have a bunch of statues on various benches throughout the campus.  Kind of neat, though each time I pass one, I do a double take because I always think it is a real person.  I really like this one since it shows a person reading to a child - reading is fundamental, right?

7. Garden - After photographing the benches, the next day, I noticed the landscaping of the campus.  I think that they literally do work on it everyday.  I have seen some kind of tractor on the baseball field every single day - I don't know what it is doing, but it is always there.  They also have some nice flowers at all of their entrances.

8. Lunch - I didn't even eat lunch this day.  Had a dinner at the Kobe Steakhouse which was fabulous, though.

9. Big - This guy was riding this huge bicycle on the road this night.  I had to pull over to a side, perpendicular street so I could get a good pic.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Not sure how easily he gets on or off, and it seemed a bit laborious going up some hills, but it still looked kind of fun and really impressive.

10. Your favourite colour - I'm really digging the neon green and gray combination on my new shoes!  The colours don't seem to pop as much in the photo as they do in real life, but it is a great combination of really bright neon green and charcoal gray.


  1. a.eye, I'm 5'8" on the button and also wish I was 5'10". My daughter topped out at 5'9" and I've been envious! Love that pic, though.

    Yoga is going to be my main focus for the fall and I'm going to try to devote some time every single day to it. It does wonders for my mind, first, and body, as well.

    How does that dude do it? Get off and on, but way cool!

    Love the shoes. Neon green and gray? A match made in heaven. I'm really enjoying your photo posts!

    1. Thanks!

      I'm glad I'm not the only one that wants to be taller and who enjoys gray and neon green.

      Even when I can only squeeze in 10-15 minutes of yoga it helps me.

  2. Love the photos - - you're so talented!!


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