04 July 2012

June fifth photos

Final part of my June photos for Fat Mum Slim's Photo-A-Day Challenge

28. On the shelf - The shelf here is my balcony.  On this night, I heard a large truck slowly trod ding down the street and decided to look out the window and see what was going on.  Turned out it was a fire truck and one of the fire fighters was removing the hose and taking it to the back of my apartment.  I go to the balcony to get a better view and it turns out someone has set the dumpster on fire.  The top photo is of two fire fighters trying to douse the flame with the hose.  It took them about 8 minutes to finish putting out the fire.  I assume it was some hot coals or some type of cigarette butt or something.  Or maybe just the incessant heat that we have been having in St. Louis.

29. Soft - I am getting soft in my older age.  I have been having injuries like my back, my neck, my knees have started to ache... the list seems to go on.  Newest pain is in my elbow.  I know this photo is similar to one from last week's photos, but it is really irking me that I am getting so soft.  Now, not only am I dealing with this pain, I also am having to deal with the tape the doctor uses on me tearing off my skin when I remove the tape.  Perhaps you can see the peeling skin above and below the brace in the above photo.  After taking the tape off, the arm not only hurt from regular pains that I have almost become accustomed to, but also from the deep tissue stimulation the doctor says will dislodge any scar tissue, and from the tenderness from the layers of skin being missing from my arm.  I used to be able to tolerate more pain.  I used to believe that my possession of ovaries made me a stronger person - after all, we have babies and periods and cramps.  Perhaps, my ovaries just aren't enough anymore.

30. A friend - For my best bud/boo, I have been making lunch each day (or buying it) and meeting him for 30 minutes of us time.  It is always nice to see each other.  Here was what I used on this day: Ham sandwich with provolone, watermelon, honeydew melon, oatmeal cream pie, and swiss rolls.

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