13 July 2012

The things I do for hair: part 2

I'm still recovering from my hairdo - which I am starting to really enjoy.

I woke up so early to get it done and was there for so long.  I couldn't sleep well since they were kind of tight the first night.

When my sleep is disturbed for even one night, I am messed up for a long time.

I'm hoping that I can sleep well tonight and get back on a good sleep schedule.


  1. Good night and sleep not so tight when it comes to your hair! LOL I think it is very cute :}

    1. Thanks. They are normal now and I can manipulate them real easily. Now it's time to play with different styles!

  2. I love hairdo! :-) Okay, I must see your photo!

  3. We need to see the finished "do"!


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