02 July 2012

Six months down, what next?

As I finished up six full months of writing every day, I am reflecting on this process.

It amazes me that I have been able to do this for this long.  It amazes me that I have not gotten tired of doing it.

It amazes me that it has become a regular part of my day.  My day does not seem finished unless I have posted on this blog.  Perhaps that is good, or perhaps it is pathetic - I'm not quite sure which one.

I am not sure if I have become better at writing.  I think I have become better at creating a topic to write about for the day.

I would like to find more regular topics for days.  I was doing the photo-a-day each Wednesday in June and I have been doing Stream of Conscious posts each Sunday.  Not sure if I will continue either in July - SOC is no longer going to be hosted by Fadra, but I may still do it as a release on Sundays.

Here are the top ten most popular posts on my blog since January:

10. Short List of Things That Make Me Happy - Just a list.
9. Why Do We Trust & Distrust So Easily? - Why do we live in a society where we are overcautious about things that we don't need to be and distrustful in areas of our lives where we don't necessarily need to be?  Do we really need to have playgrounds with rubber floors?
8. I Teach. What's Your Superpower - It's as simple as the title.
7. Aftermath of a Young Wedding - This story still makes me laugh just thinking about it.  My family and like-family kill me!  And the picture is just adorable.
6. I Tried Excessive Complaining Again - I am still on a mission to not complain a lot.  It is working, though I do have occasional slips where I complain without having a way to fix the thing I am complaining about.  But,  I have come to dislike being around people who complain a lot.
5. Wordless Wednesday: Bras - People always find this post by searching for breasts, or bras, or boobs, or for the image I included.
4. Even Niecy Has Never Seen Such Foolishness - All of the hoarders shows basically came after "Clean House" with Niecy Nash.  This post is about one of the most disgusting homes I have seen.
3. LyzaDora the Artist is Amazing in So Many Ways - Sometimes we wish we could tell our younger selves what we will become in the future.  LyzaDora is an amazing person for many reasons and it touched me to hear that she wasn't always as confident as she seems to be now.  While in Houston last week we reminded ourselves that we have known each other for around 24 years - WOW!!
2. After All My Logic And My Theory, I Add A... - Some writer said that St. Louis, Missouri was on par with cities like Mogadishu, and Caracas, and Pakistani cities when it comes to the dangerousness of an area.  I tried to eloquently dispute the author's claim.
1. Possibly the Worst Invention Ever - Wrote about the uselessness of toilet rolls that do not rotate in a full circle.  It seems people are always searching for the image I added to this post or else looking for the worst invention.

Perhaps you have already read these, or perhaps you can read them now.

Will I be able to do this for another six months?

Each day I'm not sure if I will follow through with the urge to post, but I have so far for six months.  Somehow, I keep going.

So, who knows?!?


  1. I have been enjoying your posts. I love to see what subject you will come up with next. With my blog, I just blog about what I am creating at the moment, so my thought process is mainly on my cards. I love that you can come up with different subjects. Have a great holdiay!

    1. Thanks! I love reading about your new creations and ideas!

  2. I know you can keep doing this! I have enjoyed all of your posts so much. Keep up the good work!

    1. Would you mind terribly if I did a copy-cat on your SOC Sundays? I've started trying some SOC writing and I like the idea of doing it as a blog post once a week!

  3. What a great idea to do this. I definitely want to go through and read them...putting it on my list of things to do...and I for one hope you keep posting. I may not be the best at keeping up daily, but yours is one that I try to keep up with as often as possible. I love your thoughts and stories.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Come back and read them whenever you have a chance.

      I need to get caught back up with my Reader... it just seems to always grow.


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