17 October 2012

October Photos: Week 2

October photo-a-day challenge.  I am using the prompts from Fat Mum Slim.  I love taking the pictures and sharing them.

October 10 - Emotion
10. There is not a lot of emotion in the items, but they were gifts for my main man on his birthday Wednesday.  I love him more than I could ever imagine and he has supported me and pushed me (mentally not physically) and been an ear and comic relief through a huge part of my adult life.  I don't usually do gifts - usually I do something more heart felt like a poem, or a piece of writing that explains how I feel and what I like about him.  This time, though, he needs some new clothes and since we both are currently without decent winter clothes, he needed a new sweater.  We have been on the hunt for some Vouvray wine for years, and I found it in a wine store while walking to the subway from school and had to buy it.

October 11 - Something close-up
11. I have a strange addiction with chewing gum.  I love to chew it, but I have to get rid of it after just a few minutes because I feel it has lost its taste and I just don't want it in my mouth anymore.  So, in the course of 10-15 minutes, I may chew three different pieces of gum.  I know - strange, right?  I really need to stop this.  Here is a close up of the box of Orbit I am currently on.

October 12 - On the table
12. This is what my table looked like at 5:20 Friday morning. (The only piece of furniture in my living room - still no couch, yet)  I had wanted to finish the big stack of grading that is on the right side of the picture the night before.  I had all of my colored pens ready, and my scoring guides set, but I only finished about three assignments as you can see on the left.  Too tired.  After going to bed earlier than normal, I then started to try to finish some before work, but since I only allot enough time for me to do a bit of stretching, eat, clean up, get dressed, and leave, there was really no time to do much more grading.  So, I repacked the papers and took them to school Friday where I did not finish grading them due to post-observation conference with the principals during my prep hour and doing some planning for the next week after school.  The stack returned to the table for the weekend.

October 13 - Landscape
13. I love that this skate park is right in the middle of the city landscape of the Bronx.  It is actually almost across from Yankee Stadium.  I love hearing the wheels of all the skateboarders trying out there moves.  I am often distracted during my walk when I hear the sound of someone falling and have to turn to see if the person is ok.

October 14 - Makes you laugh
14. These briefs were being sold in Target.  They were in the regular underwear section and not in the Halloween costume section.  So, these underwear with a cape velcroed to the elastic waistband are normal?  I'm not sure, but I couldn't help but bust out laughing at the idea and at the image of someone wearing them.  Oh, and the sizes were in men's sizes, not children's.

October 15 - Dinner
15. Scene left: Line waiting to get inside to Trader Joe's around 6pm.  I guess I'm not the only person in Upper Manhattan that understands that they have good, fresh, cheap food that is hard to find in the rest of the city.  We literally had to wait in line outside and only could go in after some people left the inside since the numbers were so high inside that it was at capacity.  Scene right: Worker at TJ's who stands to direct people to the end of the checkout line.  Yes, it is that crazy inside.  The store is two stories (three if you count that you enter a floor above the actual store.  The checkout floor had a line that was along two full walls of the store.  He has to stand there so you can see where the end is.  Fortunately, there were at least 30 registers open and the line only took me 15 minutes to get through.  I also was able to taste the stores pretty tasty pumpkin cheesecake while I waited.  All this to get food for dinners this week.  I admit that this photo was taken on Sunday the 14th, but the lady at the checkout said that it gets really crazy on Sunday and Monday evenings and I ate dinner on the 15th that I had bought on while waiting in that long-ass line.

October 16 - Something you wrote

16. This is a pros and cons list that I wrote.  New school teacher asked me to join her to chaperone an overseas trip the week after school dismisses in June.  I don't know why I am still acting like I am debating whether or not I want to go to the two beautiful Euro countries.  For.  Free.

You can see week one photo-a-day post here.


  1. My 7 year old son would love those underwear!


    1. Sounds good for him... I'm curious about the adults who would wear them. Perhaps they are the ComicCon type.

  2. Your boo is lucky and that underwear just cracked me up. Like, really? Seriously?

    1. Thanks!! The underwear makes me smile each time.

  3. Scary the undies were adult size.. That cracked me up especially with the velcroed cape. Oh my.

    He will love his gifts... Wine is always a great extra!

    LOVE Trader Joes, but never went in the city as I don't do crowds well and the ones on LI are crazy, but I go off hours. The little kids with the tiny carts need to be "unarmed" with them during the holidays, as I get smashed in the legs by them. I love their mushroom turnovers in the frozen section. I get a bunch of them when I go..Reminds me I am out , and have a GIFT CARD!

    1. Wine is always great!

      I need to go right after work to TJ's. When I did, it wasn't bad. I def need to avoid the rush hour crowd. They have so much that is good that I have yet to try out. Each time I go, I try to get something new.

      I was thinking that I need to have my parents/siblings get me a gift card for my BD.

  4. I loved this. Me who is sitting in small town South. Love the image of the skateboarders. I could hear exactly what you wrote about. And the line to get in Trader Joe's? You poor child. That's what getting good wine at $3 a bottle will do to people. Try their hummus and they have the most awesome Greek yogurt onion dip. I never thought anything would make me think "who needs sour cream?".

    1. The skate falling noises are ubiquitous aren't they?

      Trader Joes cheap wine is good, but unfortunately, the one I go to only sells beer. There is another one in town that does the wine. I need to start going to that one.

      You suggestions sound really good. Thanks - will have to try!

  5. That underwear was awesome! I want some....I'm not sure why I want some but I want some! Lol.

    Oh - just wanted to let you know that you're one of my Reader Appreciation Award nominees :)


  6. You have furniture, progress right?!? And why wouldn't you want underwear with a cape, where is the wonder woman version I ask!!!! :-D

    1. Haha!! I need to look and see if there is a female version - I didn't go into the women's undies section.

      No couch yet. I have to wait until I have a day off for delivery and I want to find a place that doesn't cost hellas for a simple couch - haven't found decently priced furniture in this city, yet. Thanks for looking out. The table is really helpful for getting out of the bedroom and not having to use the computer on my lap.


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