10 October 2012

October Photos: Week 1

During this month of writing, I've decided to go back to the photo-a-day posts once a week.

Here is the first installation of October.  The prompts are from Fat Mum Slim and are in the caption of each image.

October 1 - Where you stood.
1. On this day, I got to listen to the brilliant vocabulary, awesome stories, and wise fashion advise of Tim Gunn.  Me and the group of teacher friends I went with were giddy the entire time.  I sat with a smile pasted to my face and wished I had taken notes on some of his quotes and stories.  We stood in line for about 40+ minutes waiting to get a signature "Make it work" in each of our books and to get a photo with him after he told us to "gather round."  Click the links above to learn more about what I gained from Tim's talk.

October 2 - Lunchtime
2. Lunch this day was pretty unremarkable.  Leftover pulled pork, edamame, broccoli, water, and a rice crispy treat.  I almost forgot to photograph it, so had to pull them back out later for a photo.  Due to my tardiness all you see is my empty glass container, the water bottle and my favorite lunch sack - gifted to me from the BF.

October  3 - This happened today.
3. When I was in St. Louis, I frequented I Love Mr. Sushi in Olivette so much that the people there knew me, a bit about my life and schedule, and knew my usual roll orders.  One of the women who worked there used to give me a couple pieces of candy each visit as I left.  After trying them the first couple times, I began to hope with each visit that I would not be offered any more of that "candy".  They do say that people in different nations have different taste preferences and mine do not match those of the Japanese candy-eaters - perhaps if it did not give the appearance of sweet candy, I could like it more.  The candy was not sweet and had a taste I am not adjusted to.  In school on this day, someone left out a bag of Japanese candies.  I decided to taste one just to see if Mr. Sushi was the only one that had candy with no sweet taste.  Despite the claim that this candy is "intoxicated with romantic feelings," I did not enjoy it.  It did not taste like USA watermelons.  It was better than Mr. Sushi and had a taste with more of an evaporated milk flavor and a texture kind of like those big bubble gums of my childhood that had the pink and blue and yellow wrappers.

October 4 - What you read
4. I don't normally pick up the papers from the people who hand them out in the subway areas.  At first, I used to read on the train, but I find I like my morning commute to be chill and to just sit and relax (sometimes with my eyes closed) getting ready for the day or just people watching.  I had to get this one when I changed trains because I saw someone reading it and saw this article inside.  Seriously?!  I guess I have heard of beer runs and people who like to imbibe after races because it goes straight to through and gives them a better buzz, but this is pretty extreme, no?

October 5 - Shadow
5. If you have not read my views on the sport of baseball and how I react to the idea of it, please take some time to read my thoughts and perhaps you will understand how it really took a lot for me to stand and take this photo.  Fortunately, the nicely patterned ground took my mind off of what I was actually photographing.  This is the home of the NY Yankees.  Nothing too remarkable - it is nestled in the middle of a fairly run down area - though it wins points for being really close to a Target with a grocery store (though this one does not sell wine like the ones in StL).  There is an open ball field as well as some soccer fields and (I think) a walking or running track just outside of the professional stadium.  While the little people dream the almost impossible dream of becoming a professional baller, they are in the shadow of people who actually made that dream come true.

October 6 - I'm thankful for...
6. I'm thankful for not being as crazy as David Blaine.  I went to Pier 54 on the Hudson River on this Saturday to check out his latest stunt.  He was to stand on a 20' platform at the Pier for three days while wearing a metal suit while having 1 million volts of electricity surge into him from those giant silver orbs for three days and nights.  I have loved him and his tricks for years and it was great to see him in person - though from far away.  I'm still waiting for the day I'm walking through the streets of NYC and he makes a card I picked appear in my shoe or on the other side of a glass window.

October 7 - Light
7. Growing up, I always pictured NYC with sneakers strewn across telephone wires.  I never understood (and still don't understand) the point of doing this, but I find it fascinating.  Does anyone ever get them down?  Does the person who throws them own the shoes?  If so, does s/he have on another pair and then throw these, or does the owner leave barefoot?  Is the thrower a bully who throws another person's shoes up?  How long have these been up there?  The light was not very good when I came across these three pairs of shoes in Brooklyn, but I had to take a photo since it was the first time seeing the iconic imagery.

8. I saw a bit of the High Line in the West Village from the ground when I went to see David Blaine.  I had to go back and see more of it.  I had heard about it on some tv show years ago and had forgotten about it until Kid Sis #1 said she went to it.  I loved it.  It was an oasis of calm and greenery in the middle of a city where, from most angles, it is normal not to see extensive bits of green - sometimes for days and days.  It is built on an old railroad track bridge and is just really cool to experience.  There is one bridge (right bottom photo) where you can even sit on top of the street and the glass looks out into the street.

October 9 - Red
9. I haven't really missed my car that much since being here in NYC.  The only times are when I am carrying a lot of stuff back home from Target, but even with that, I am great at packing my backpack and another bag with stuff so my items are easily carried and I can get a taxi (hopefully, s/he will know how to get to where I am going, though) if there are larger items, which is super rare.  But, occasionally, I do see a Mini Cooper that reminds me of my car I have left at Kid Sis #3's garage.  I love that car and hope to be able to get a ticket for Thanksgiving so that I may drive around again.  This red one was (as they all are) super cute!  Be sure to note the ubiquitous black, old, used, gum stuck to the sidewalk and streets of the nation's dirtiest city.


  1. I love David Blaine too but sometimes I ask, "Just why?". Saw him in Vegas once in a clear box. He was sleeping. I love the pictures of your New York life! I agree with your assessment of Japanese candy. Yuck! It's like Amish bakery...they don't use much sugar! Have a great week!

    1. Why and how are questions I always ask when viewing Blaine.

      Thanks on the pictures. I think I have passed an Amish bakery down by the World Trade Center. Now I want to go in and try the bread.

  2. I think seeing photos through a person's day is extremely intriquing. It's helpful to see additional perspectives, and help me think back through what I would have taken had it been me.

    1. I always teach my students about the different perspectives of history. It is so interesting that people can go through the same event/scene of life and see things differently.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm glad I'm not as crazy as David Blaine either, but I love him! How exciting to hear and meet Tim Gunn. I love him too!

    1. I can watch David Blaine and the blank stare he gives to people after doing a trick that doesn't make sense all the time.

      It was great to see and hear Tim Gunn!

  4. Cool photos. I enjoyed taking a peek at your New York life. Awesome!


    1. Thanks!! It was fun to take them and to share them! Looking forward to all the ones I'll take this week, too!


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