25 October 2012

Teaching, conferencing, and parenting

Parent-teacher conferences today.

Started at 1 and go until 8.  Right now, I'm starting the hour and a half break that we have so that the teachers can grab some dinner.

It is really enlightening to meet some of the parents and see how they impact their children in a good, and sometimes, not good, way.

It is also really strange now to meet parents, because they are starting to be the same age as I am.

They are the same age as me with children that are in middle and high school.

And I have not yet had any children.  It is kind of strange.


  1. It's strange to think that if I'd had a child when I was 20, I'd have a teenager right now. Weird.

    1. It really is a strange thought - I could be these kids parents if I had done things a bit differently in my early twenties.


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