17 December 2012

December photo-a-day: Week 2

December photo challenge with prompts from Fat Mum Slim.

You can see my new pictures each Monday of December.

December 10 - Under
10. Uniqlo is my new favorite store.  Since I got rid of so many of my clothes before the move, I have restocked a few items with clothes from this store - tights, winter dresses, socks, skirt - all have a sort of Japanese feel and I love that they are kind of different than what I used to wear, yet still seem like me.  I stood under this tree as I adjusted my coat and scarf after leaving the store on this day on my way home from work - I even love to just browse.

December 11 - Sweet
11. I bought these at the drugstore.  I shouldn't have.  I am not really big on chocolate.  I know, I'm a woman and I don't live off of chocolate; sue me.  I shouldn't have bought these sweet things because I at almost the entire bag in about an hour.  My stomach started to hurt about an hour after that.  But they are still.  So.  Good.

December 12 - Hat
12. I didn't remember giving away my really cool pink winter hat from last season when I moved, but I did, and had to buy a new hat since I am outside a lot with my commutes.  I like that this one is orange. It stands out a bit in the blah colors of most winter hats.

December 13 - Lights
13. Christmas tree set up at Bryant Park next to the ice rink.  I love the blue colors!

December 14 - Green
14. Every Friday, teachers and faculty from my school go to Staples.  Staples being code for happy hour.  To say the usual place is a dive bar is speaking too highly of it.  The atmosphere just exudes college broke person's hangout.  The bathroom is so filthy that I would go to the bathroom before leaving school and then hope that I didn't have to use it during the drinking.  If I did, I usually chose to just take the 45 minute trip home rather than use the nasty bathroom that had some sort of liquid all over the floor, rarely had soap, and had stickers in the basin of the toilet. (Who put their hands in there to place it and what kind of adhesive sticks through all of the flushes?)  After a few bad experiences there this year, me and two others decided to go on a hunt for a similarly priced, cleaner place with a better bartender.  We found it and its name is a color of green.  It is so awesome, the bartender remembered my name (which isn't very common) after three hours of us being in there, and look at how clean the bathroom is.  I was so pleased with the place that I could not stop smiling.  My cheeks hurt by the end of the evening.

December 15 - Outdoors
15. On this Saturday there was Santa-Con.  It was a HUGE pub crawl for people dressed as Santa, or his elves, or reindeer, or anything remotely related to Christmas (I even saw a man in a Tigger costume - Winnie the Poo - with a Santa hat walking around.)  At first it was kind of entertaining, but then as I tried to walk and do my errands, it got more and more annoying as I kept seeing them outdoors blocking the road, reeking of alcohol and just being overly loud.

December 16 - Something I made
16. The BF is so easily pleased, and yet, so picky.  He loves meatballs, but he has not found any since his childhood that he likes.  I found these gems at Trader Joe's and he loves them with some sauce.  Simple Sunday dinner.  I had some bread from TJ's, but it tasted like a sponge and I couldn't serve it again.

You can see the photos I took during the first week of this month by clicking here.


  1. I love the hat....I collect hats...with most women it's shoes, or jewelry, or other types of clothing. With me, it's hats! It is a vibrant colour!

    1. Thanks!! I love hats - especially when my hair is short and doesn't get that 'hat-head' look easily!

  2. I love that blue xmas tree. Hope to see it soon :-)

    1. It is really cool. Hope you get to see it in person!


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