03 December 2012

November Photo-a-Day last pics

November Photo-a-Day Challenge.  As usual, my prompts are from Fat Mum Slim.

The last installment for November.

November 26 - In cupboard
26 - I have a lot of cabinets in the kitchen, but I don't use them.  The people who have this apartment in their possession seem to think paint is the answer to everything.  They have put so many layers of paint on the cabinets that they can neither fully open nor fully close.  The draws in are painted shut.  I use them for some items as you can see in the left picture (mainly seasonings, oil, medicines, and my four cans of food and Ramen noodles that are to help me survive when the apocalypse or a big storm happen - but the rest of the cabinets are not in use.  So, I bought a little rolling cart from Target and use it for my dishes, pots and pans, silverware, and most food items.

November 27 - Tree
27 - Window decorations at the world's largest Macy's off of 34th Street in Manhattan.

November 28 - Vehicle
28 - On this day I had to take a cab to work.  This is my view from the back seat of the cab.  The ride was pleasant enough since there is a tv built into the seat behind the front passenger seat that showed the morning headlines and the day's weather.  The views were pretty nice as you can see in my post from that day.  But the price was ridiculous!  $20 for the ride to work!!

November 29 - Big
29 - This is a picture taken from Columbus Circle.  Cool area.  I had only been there a few times just passing through and seeing the big statues in the mall there - they are male and female and naked and I had to laugh all the people who take photos of themselves holding the massive male's genitalia. I love this big metal world sculpture and also know that CNN is a big cable company.

November 30 - On the wall
30 - A guy I used to coach with was in town for the weekend.  We met up on Thursday night (so this photo is actually from the 29th, shhh, don't tell).  The hotel where he was staying had no name on the outside and the only way I thought I was there was because my phone map said so and because I saw some suitcase roller-things on the outside and some people with luggage.  The fire on the wall originally caught my attention and then I looked at my map since I didn't see a hotel name or an address on the outside of their main entrance.  Weird.

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