07 December 2012

99 Problems, but this ain't one

To pay forward my gift from a teacher last week, I thought about all of the neat ideas you all offered up, as well as brainstorming some NYC related ideas and came up with something kind of clever (at least I think so).

I decided to give the Mr. an mp3 player.  On his device is playing 99 Problems - from Ice-T or Jay Z, depending which version you know (and I'm sure some younger artist has likely redone it again).

The Mr's version is about how he has 99 problems but low grades aren't one.

I gave a nice speech about a very deserving colleague who works really, really hard in addition to going to grad school full time.  Unfortunately, she was on a field trip today and didn't get to hear my speech, but was immediately called and texted to relay the message.  I also left her a voice mail and will tell her all the great things on Monday when I present her with the Potato Head.

It was a pleasure and an honor getting him for this week. And a joy to create his newest addition.


  1. Love IT! I like the Jay Z version myself. What an honor to receive but then to present!

    1. Thanks!! It was really great. I can't wait to present the new winner on Monday since she wasn't there Friday.


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