09 December 2012

HS super mini reunion

It's amazing how fast time flies and how much, yet how little can change in that time.

I graduated high school over a decade ago.

There are some people that have found out I am now in NYC and wanted to meet up with me.

Some of them, I have not seen since high school.

I met up with two classmates tonight for dinner and chatting, and it was really good.

We talked, caught up a bit, played with one of their children, and were just normal adults with a long ago past together.

I don't even recall if we were talked much in high school.  I know we weren't enemies, but we weren't that close.

It's great that we can still meet up.  One of the classmates and I are going to try to put together a reunion of sorts for the various classmates that are in NYC - apparently there are many.  We are shooting to get at least 15 or so together.

This was a quick end of the day stream of consciousness for Sunday.

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  1. That was nice. I really didn't see anybody until my 20th reunion and yep they were regular people. High school is 'another world'. Some people don't change (grow up) and I did observe one or two of them.

    1. It was nice. It's so weird that we still have notions of people many years later and somewhat expect them to kind of be the same. Glad they are not.


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