05 December 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday - It takes lots of time

Yesterday after school I spent an hour and a half working on a bulletin board.

I was told that I needed to put up more content specific items.  I think it will be useful.  In the middle will be student work that is stellar, or has stellar pieces within the work.  That way I can give shout outs to kids that did some parts well even if the whole thing wasn't perfect.

But, putting it together was annoying.  Rather than plan for my classes or grade, I put together a bulletin board.  I had a little help from some students and my mentor-type person, but it still took way long.

I do like the pop of yellow on the wall


  1. I'm always amazed at how much time stuff takes. I don't care what it is, before you know it time is gone. Unless you're at a boring job having to put in your 8 hours, then it can't go fast enough. (I like the yellow bulletin board!)

    1. I never know where the time goes!!! So many things really do seem to take FOREVER to get done. And when I do work, I don't distract myself with other things. Still take forever to finish something.

      Thanks on the colors! They are a nice pop of color for that side of the room.


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