24 December 2012

December photo-a-day: Week 3

December photos taken during the third week of December based on prompts by Fat Mum Slim.

You can see my next installment on New Year's Eve!

December 17 - On the floor
17. Went to a sewing/art store in the Fashion District to pick up some fabric glue for the BF to fix his bag.  Saw all of this yarn, and decided that I want to make something.  Didn't buy any of it, but the idea that people can make things for themselves has always impressed me.  The BF took some sewing classes a few years back and can make clothes.  He can make actual clothes and pillows, and bags, and I don't even know what else!  Amazing!  I want to get in on that, too.

December 18 - Makes you feel merry
18. On the way back from the Tribeca Film Institute last week, I went through a train station I had not yet been through.  Throughout the station were these little creatures.  They were doing various things - some were sneaking in/out of the station, one was even taking off his head.  The two on the top were sharing a drink - they made me feel real merry inside.

December 19 - Something that begins with s (Sharing)
19. On my birthday, I was serenaded several times by students and teachers singing me happy birthday.  We took the kids to Washington Square Park for a field trip as part of the poetry week unit so the students could people watch and create stories about the people they saw and (some) talked with while there.  Before we left, the students sang very loudly to me - a bit embarrassing, but very enjoyable.  Also before we left, I experienced the bird-man.  Homey raised three or four pigeons and then set them free in the park.  Now whenever he goes to the park, they come up to him.  He shares food with them out of his own mouth.  And they have a merry old time.  Disgusting to me after my  encounters with birds, on several occasions, but, hey, to each their own.

December 20 - Weather
20. Even though the weather outside was frightful on this afternoon/evening with the cold, some people were still Occupying.  They had some Occupy Wall Street info on the side and were playing a very big game of chess in Union Square.

December 21 - Tree
21. Had to go back to Washington Square Park after Wednesday's visit.  Love the place.  Took this photo of the World Trade Center from the gap between the buildings across from the Arc de Triomphe-looking statue.  I like the way the sun shone through the tree.

December 22 - Decoration
22. This is one of the signs in one of the subways I ride.  Decoration for the holidays.  And for the drinkers.

December 23 - Joy is ___
23. Joy is going to Trader Joe's early on Sunday morning to beat the traffic, getting there, and it being mostly empty.  Joy is getting all of my groceries and not forgetting anything on my memorized list (forgot to charge phone overnight so didn't make checklist before I left).  Joy is not having to wait in the checkout line for more than three seconds.  Joy is seeing that it is ugly holiday sweater day for the workers, finding this man and him allowing me to photograph his sweatshirt full of Cabbage Patch Kid looking characters playing sports.  He said a friend mailed it to him out of the blue.

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  1. The photo of all that yarn made my little heart pitter patter!! :0)

    1. Mine too, and I don't even knit/crochet/whatever else I don't know how to do with yarn.


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