18 June 2012

Amazing family moments

It always amazes me to see the way other people's families interact.

Saturday evening I went to my BF's grandmother's 90th birthday celebration.  I've never really heard her talk very much, but when they gave her the mike to say thank you to everyone for showing up, she went on and on.  Talked about how she is the oldest member of the family, pointed out the second oldest.  Mentioned that she is waiting and waiting for her reproductively able grandchildren and great grandchildren to provide her another generation of people for her to get to know before she dies.  

She even talked about how she has a Facebook page that she uses to keep up with a lot of people in her life.

That was really amazing to me.  

She is 90, but still willing to use newer technology that is like nothing she could have imagined as a child!

I love it.

I also loved seeing my BFs niece sitting alone with her great grandmother talking for about 20 minutes. I don't know what they talked about, but it was just great imagining that she was sharing stories of the family and comparing her early 20s to her great granddaughter's current life.

This coming weekend, my parents, all of my siblings (except one), and some other extended family and friends will gather in Houston for my sister's finale to her residency.  Really excited to see everyone and extremely sorry that I missed the past weekend in DC where my other sister celebrated the end of her residency.  I had to choose based on the cost of the dinner ticket and the plane ticket, and Houston won out.


  1. I find family interactions intriguing as well. I love hearing how other families do things. That 90 year old sounds just like my mom. She just loved her family, those who came before her and those who came after. She went on a book tour with me at the age of 92 and started a facebook page a year before she died.

    1. Isn't it amazing to hear of the differences between families.

      I'm sure your mother was amazing! How great that she was able to go on a book tour with you! I'm sure she was really proud.

  2. I love it when younger people see the value of older people !! And congrats to your sisters! Very exciting!

    1. It is kind of rare to see young people do, but it is really a great site!

      Thanks for the congrats! They are really great and I'm so proud of them!

  3. I love it when people connect no matter the age! What a great post!

    1. You are very right!! It is great to see people connect with others and really enjoy each the company of those around them!



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