25 June 2012

Family cup holders

The weekend with the family was excellent!  I'm the last visitor left in Houston after a house of six visitors and my sisters' family of four were all together.  We definitely missed Kid Sis #1 who couldn't come since she was studying for the Board Exam she had to take today.

One of the reasons I love my family is because we can just laugh together.  We have so many old jokes and one liners that we use with each other.  Yesterday, my Big Bro, Kid Sis #3 and I were doing one of our regular gags on each other and my brother said he honestly didn't remember the origin of it.  We explained it to him and he said he had completely forgot; he just associated it with us now.

One of the traditional jokes we have goes back to when my brother was in college (I think).

I don't remember how it started, but we would put an old cup holder in someones bag or somewhere in their room and they would find it sometimes days, sometimes weeks later and then have to pass it on to another sibling.

The cup holder is always ugly and for all of us, it is useless.  But it is the thought that counts, right?

Now that most of us are in different cities, it is even more fun to do.

Last time my brother was in my town, I knew he would be trying to get it to me.  I didn't take my eyes off of him for a second.  Or so I thought.  In the 15 seconds it took for him to move the seat forward to let his girlfriend out of the back of my Mini, he slipped it into my glove compartment where I did not find it for a few weeks.

I got it back to him somehow.

With all the fun of the weekend, I had completely let my guard down.  This morning, I was starting to repack my clothes.  Found the ugly thing in a side pocket of my backpack.

I succeeded in my mission this weekend of getting my nephew to call his mother Mommie Dearest.  Now I have to start plotting how to get this cup holder back to another sibling.


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