08 June 2012

I'm even faster than I thought

I can be a really big dork.

I'm not ashamed.

I love shows that teach me something.  I've relished in so many of the how-it's-made type shows that I could probably go to some of the factories shown and give a tour.  I love watching some of the conferences presented on C-SPAN that show political, cultural leaders discussing various topics.  I used to be known in my family for teaching my siblings or my parents something new each time I saw them - about some really random topics, sometimes even related to their type of business or their college majors that they didn't even know.

I'm a nut.

Earlier in the spring I worked on my speed-reading and increased my reading speed, accuracy, and information retention.

The other night I decided to work on my typing abilities.

I think I already type pretty quick since people at work will sometimes hear me typing and look to the keyboard and screen to see if actual words are being created and not just gibberish.  (I worked with a woman once who typed and read faster than anything I can even imagine doing myself - I am in awe of KBO and her speed tactics.)  I used to try to bone up on Typershark (and still go back to it occasionally) when I was teaching a business class my first semester of teaching.  Who doesn't like to get better at something real by playing a game?  It worked for me learning to drive a manual transmission car, it can work for typing.

Two nights ago, I spent about 40 minutes playing on this typing website typingweb.  I played around with some of the different courses and got up to what seemed really impressive touch typing speed on the intermediate level.  I tried a typing test on another site and found that I was typing pretty close to the same speed.  Today I went back to typingweb and tried it again.

Screen shot from one of my lesson tests:

My typing prowess
Gross Speed is how fast I was actually typing, Net Speed is my speed minus errors.  I think I missed one letter out of the sentences that were on the screen for me to type.

I am determined to become even faster, so I will continue to be a dork and practice my typing speed.  I'm doing so even as I type this post, but I will go back to that site so I can really test my skills and see actual seconds and WPM for how fast I am typing.

Perhaps a side hustle in live closed captioning is in my future, though I hear they use a different type of keyboard.


  1. Oh no! Now you will have me addicted to typing web. I'm exactly the same way. I will report back my skills.

  2. WHew!!! THAT'S fast!!! I'd rather write everything out long hand...;)

    1. There are still many things I would rather do by hand than typing them out... I guess I'm still old school in that way.

  3. I love dorks - - and that typing speed is very, very impressive!!

  4. My mother has finally given in to my persistent nudges and is taking those courses on that same site .. she's improved quite a lot. It's actually really fun and sometimes I give it a try too.

  5. It's interesting, isn't it, we're a generation of people who type faster and more accurately than we'll ever write.

    1. I used to be able to take notes so fast that I could write what the lecturer said almost word for word (with some abbreviations).

      I wonder if I can still write really fast.


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