05 June 2012

Today, I look back

Today, I'm thinking of elections.  There is a recall election in Wisconsin happening today.  There is a presidential election that will take place this year in November.

As I think of this election, I am also thinking back to things I wrote during the last election cycle.

Today, I am really grateful for all of my followers, for all of my commenters.  I love seeing that people actually read what I write.

Most of my posts, lately, are pretty light-hearted.  It wasn't always so.

Today, I remember a post that received some serious negative feedback from commenters.  I am remembering all of the research I put into some of my posts.

I would like to take a trip down memory lane with you today.  I know some people don't like clicking links or reading old posts, but I promise, these are some good ones from my old, more serious, often political days of blogging.

First up, Response To Some Readers.  This post was a response to some negative feedback I got after I wrote about how lack of insurance and lack of adequate healthcare could have led to an event my friend and I encountered.  Even after this response, I still got some negative comments from readers.  It got to the point where I couldn't even respond, but fortunately, KBO responded well for me. (In this post, I was still using the moniker, Stuck In My Head).  WARNING: It is very liberal in my thoughts, don't hate me if we don't share the same ideas about government... we can still get along and hopefully, you will still read my posts in the future that are not political!

I also have posts that I just enjoyed doing research for.  Perhaps my future could include some "serious" journalism.

In Considering Politics & Religion I wrote about different people's desire to make race an issue in the election of 2008.

After the current administration came into office, I still wrote about politics as it ties to education.  Obama - We Need More Than Education To Help Minorities was a post where I addressed the discrepancies in punishments and treatment of students in schools.  I talked about the need for better classroom management and for more organizations like College Summit to get involved in schools.

Not all the posts I reflect on today were tied to politics... well not really.

I did a lot of research for a post on Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 that led to some questionable donating organizations (Haiti Needs Help - Be Careful How You Give It).  I wrote about about the history of the nation and its long-standing debt and the fact that many donor organizations don't actually give money to places they say they give to.  (Seriously!! Look into the organizations you donate to!!)  If there are so many NGOs and groups giving money to Haiti, why does it still look almost the same as the day the quake happened?  Why are there still SO MANY people living in tents to this day?!?!

I've connected with other bloggers doing Bloggers Unite.  For World AIDS Day in 2008 where I supplied a lot of information about the disease and those it impacts.  For Refugees in 2008 since there was a serious discrepancy in the number of refugees allowed into certain nations.

And, finally, there is the post This Always Tickles Me.  Because Vitas Bumac always does just that!!  I love him and the way he sounds.  And I can't help but smile at the way he can hit his notes.


  1. I just read your old post "Response to Some Readers." It's obvious that you and I have different political opinions, which is what makes the world go 'round :) What I think is awful was the emotion in some of the responses. They seemed like personal attacks and I think when people respond like that, it really really takes away from whatever point they are trying to make. And, to be honest, reading their responses made me want to go hunt them down and slap them!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading old posts! I agree that it seemed more like personal attacks and more of a person just wanting to vent.

      I appreciate people with different opinions!! I live and work with them regularly and we all get a long fine. I am glad you have your opinions and understand that that truly is what makes our nation exist as it does!!

      Thanks again for reading the old stuff I wrote, and for being a great regular reader!

  2. I enjoyed reading some of your older, more political posts. I'm very interested in politics, but I usually stay away from politics on the blog. I can feel some political posts coming on though. I've gotten into some back-and-forths on various sites over the years, and I'm always struck by the lack of civility. Hiding behind computers really seems to bring out the vitriol. I dislike anonymous commenters, especially those who try to belittle in their responses.

    1. Thanks! I have avoided politics for years on the blog, but like you, feel some more political posts stirring up. The internet is a big place for lack of civility and lots of hiding when it comes to commenting.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts again!

  3. WHOA!!! Just read the "Response to Some Readers". They don't understand different is/can be good. We can't all be/act/think the same.

    1. Unfortunately, I think that a lot of people don't think that different ideas/people/etc can be good.

      Thanks for reading the older posts!


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