12 March 2012

Beautiful day, ugly pain

Today it was a lovely, joyous 83 degrees in the StL.


Coaching today was lovely -  some kids did really well, and even if they didn't, the weather was fabulous.

Unfortunately, even now, 5 hours after practice, I am still suffering from a headache that the sun induced.

I was dehydrated all day, and that did not help matters.  Neither did my visor that covered the front of my head, but not the sides where the sun just blasted my eyes.

I still enjoyed the weather, but am currently drinking water and searching for a fabulous, kinda too cute, not too fisherman-looking, breathable, water resistant wide brimmed hat so that I don't suffer from headaches on long meet days and sunny practice days.

Kind of digging this one from Athleta...


  1. I like the hat. I love your description of what you're looking for, especially this bit: "...kinda too cute, not too fisherman-looking..." Awesome.

    Did you get it?

    1. Thanks!

      Didn't get it yet. I have this issue/problem where I always look, find what I like, and then sleep on it for a few days while I look for something that might be better and decide if the one I want is really the one I want.

      So far, that is the one!

  2. A good hat makes a world of difference. I'm wearing a visor as we speak that pinches at my head and when I read about your headache, I immediately became aware of my own discomfort and lack of water. And now it is too late to drink water or I'll be waking up all night! Dang. Better day for both of us tomorrow!

    1. So true about a good hat! Best of luck to you with your hydration and sun coverage! Thanks for stopping by!


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