17 March 2012

Resetting my physical life

Since I have been trying to reset my life and get things more on track, I decided to do more to make that happen physically.

Today, I went for a run/walk.  I only did about a mile today, but it felt ok.  I could have done more, but I did it on a track instead of a trail (I hate running on tracks!!!).  If the weather permits, I want to do it at least 4 more times during the next week, each time doing a little bit farther than the previous time.
I love running toward and past these in Tower Grove Park!
Two years ago, I was getting to be really good at these types of workouts and I was doing some lifting, and my body looked better than it had since college.

I don't anticipate that I will get back to that same body shape, but I do want to get into more physical shape.

One of the workouts I was doing two years ago only took about 20 minutes if I was on it the entire time, and I think I should be able to incorporate that into my day along with morning yoga.

Make it happen, cap'in!


  1. Good job setting goals. What's your 20 minute workout, if you don't mind me asking? People are always, always interested in learning new workout tricks...

    1. Thanks! One of the running workouts is in my blog post titled OCD-Like Intervals.


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