20 March 2012

OCD-like intervals

Today, I address the Nablopomo prompt of the day: What is something you recently made a decision about?

I recently (January) made a conscious decision to take better care of myself.  Not that I was treating myself like crap before, but I still could improve.

I am taking better care of my mind and my body.

On the body front, I have been doing more yoga each morning, eating more vegetables and fruits, and on Saturday, I decided to start running again.

I don't do running like many people.  I don't believe my body (or mind) is suited for running continuous mile upon mile.  I have done that in the past and was actual not bad at it in my college days.  I could run about three miles in under 20 minutes.

Impressive, but I don't want to do that again.

Now, I run intervals.

I warm up with a jog and then jump in to the intervals.  I do 20-30sec sprints, then I walk for a minute, and then I jog for 30 seconds and go to the sprints and repeat.  Sometimes, instead of doing it for time, I count my steps - I usually shoot from anywhere between 50 and 100 steps on the sprint, and then do the same amount of steps for the rest.  I guess this ties to my possible OCD.

I love it.

And the scenery in the parks I do it in is always a plus to the workout.

Others working out stare at me weirdly, especially as I pass them during the sprint and then they repass me during my walk, but, who cares?

I have been doing about 20 minutes total of these intervals, then I stretch and call it a day.  Two summers ago, I was doing this four days a week.

Nice and quick.

And, more of a cardio workout/calorie burn than me running the same distance at a continuous, slow pace.


  1. Interesting idea! I can walk for a very long time, but I'm not a good runner. I like the idea of incorporating extra cardio into workouts.

    (And, I can totally relate to the concept of counting my steps)

    1. Thanks! You could try this sort of interval with walking, too. Just walk faster for a while and then walk at your usual pace.

      Glad I'm not the only one who counts my steps. Sometimes I don't even realize I am doing it, at least with this workout it is purposeful.

  2. I count steps too!! Sounds like you found a great way to add spice to your workout.


    1. I guess I am a member of a club I didn't know existed!!

      Here's to counting steps!!

    2. *clinks virtual glass* Here, here!

  3. This is awesome. Exactly what I need. I used to run, but have fallen way, way off the boat with it. Now I want to get back into it, but don't really have the time I used to? So this really is exactly what I need. "More of a cardio workout/calorie burn than me running the same distance at a continuous, slow pace." Yes, thank you.

    1. Try it. It is fun and I don't feel as tired as when I would try long slow runs. Good luck!


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