29 March 2012

New month, keep writing?

I am still debating whether to keep writing each day in the month of April.  Right now, track meets and practices are kicking my butt and I feel that is affecting my writing.

I still have a lot of ideas in my head for posts, just not enough time to put them onto the screen.

There are some ideas I have seen besides NaBloPoMo that can open me to some prompts as well as a new audience.

I'll think about it over the next day or so and make a decision.

Part of me wants to try and go each day for another month.  Part of me wants a break.

At this point, I almost don't even know what I would do each day without posting each day.  This has really become a part of my daily activities.  But, if I don't have the time to write something meaningful, I don't know that I should be writing each day just to fulfill my monthly mission.


  1. It's a good question. I would just suggest writing everyday if you can, but not killing yourself over it if you don't. As long as you're still having fun with it? Do it.

    1. Good plan... I only worry that if I don't do it each day, I will fall into the rut I was in last year where I only posted every few months.

      However, I feel that since I am so used to writing each day, it will not be hard to continue regular writing now.


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