13 March 2012

Welcome to the bad girls' club

Yesterday while I had my headache caused by the lovely weather, I came home, but didn't want to nap; I am trying to adjust to the time change.

Instead of napping, I decided to sit down to some pretty pointless television since I didn't want to focus too much and didn't want to have to think too much.

I channel surfed to the ultimate in mindless television watching.

I landed on The Bad Girls' Club.

If you have never seen it, the basic gist is that there are about 8 girls who live in a house (kind of like Real World) and they are all supposedly the badest of their city.  They fight (physically and verbally), they do mean things to each other, they are just bad girls.

In the several episodes that I saw (it was a marathon) there were two girls who made it their mission to get rid of the new girl.  She had not done anything to them, but they felt that since they said they would make any new girl leave, that they had to be true to their word.  They poured french dressing mixed with honey mustard into her suitcases, they threw her mattress into the pool, they pulled her hair, fought her and more.  When other house mates bought the girl a new mattress, the two girls took it outside and poured all sorts of food including eggs and various sauces and condiments on the mattress.  Disgusting.

There was lots of drinking and a girl who was really into a guy, but got so drunk that she ended up assaulting him and didn't know it until the housemates told her the next morning.

There was so much drama, it made a day of teaching seem like a breeze.

Each morning before going off to teach, I wake up and make my lunch for the day as I get my breakfast ready.  Today was no different.

However, when I took my turkey sandwich out and was about to slice half an avocado onto the just heated meat and bread, I realized something was missing.

I had made a turkey sandwich sans turkey.

I've often heard people say that some television shows make people stupider.  I always thought it was a joke.

Until today at lunch.


  1. Nice punch at the end. Great post.

  2. There are shows that you can literally see your brain cells escaping the body. Seriously!! I discovered this after my kids watched a few episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants back to back. LOL
    As lovable and funny as he is in one episode, after you have watched several without a break...the brain cells start flying away. LOL


    1. Haha! I can't stand some of those shows. Some of them have some adult humor hidden in, or are just cute, like Super Why!, but others are just too dull and dumbed down for an adult to enjoy.

  3. I do things like that whenever I step out of routine whilst making lunches, I also have to do them before I switch the telly on otherwise all sorts of strange things happen! Thanks for the comment on my blog, this veratile blogger arward has been great for discovering other cool blogs to look at. Many more though and I will be glued to this screen :-)

    1. Isn't it amazing how much we adjust to routine and how quickly we get off when routines are not there? Liked your blog. I agree that there are so many out there, that it can become daunting.


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