04 March 2012

I don't trust people I work with

Where are you lacking trust in your life?

I don't know that I truly trust anyone that I work with.

I really mean that.

Last year, I had the most random people asking me about the horizontal move I hadn't even completely confirmed after I had only asked a few questions and told about three people about my idea.  I mention a conversation I have with a student or a colleague to one or two people and pretty soon it is practically headline news in the school.

I have a colleague who told one other person something that was going on in her classroom and in their next department meeting it was brought up in front of all 15+ members of the department.

Another colleague is thinking of starting a business (not quitting her teaching job), mentioned it during lunch and has started selling her product to some people.  Now people in the other departments of the school are asking if it is true that she is going to be leaving the HS.

I slipped up a bit at the start of the year sharing some personal information with some colleagues because they seem genuine.  And perhaps they are.  I wanted to share with the new bunch I was working with.  But, now some of what I said is sometimes brought up and sometimes used to judge something else that I am doing.  I don't dislike them.  I just try to keep everything business these days.  If I am going to be doing something extra, I know not to let it be known to people until the time is right.  I try not to talk about outside of school things with people at work.

Most of the people are nice.  A lot of the people are just really gossipy.

Work is work.

Outside of work is outside of work.

I think that my last school was truly an anomaly.

I will never again work with a group of truly genuine, truly awesome ladies and gentleman.  Most of us started there together, were able to hang outside of school together, were able to share without wondering if things would get to the wrong person who would then hear the message, I believe we were friends inside and outside of the school.  I loved chilling in the Humanities Office!  And so many great happy hours!  I wish we could all work together again at a different place.

I miss our days together.

But, I am glad we have all left that facility and have been able to use the challenges that came with that place to make us better people and better people in education.

But I doubt that I will have that sort of experience again.

I only hope that one day there will not be such a prevalent lack of trust for the teachers and administrators that I call my colleagues.
Who do you trust?! Hubba, hubba, hubba!

Though maybe it is better this way; it keeps me on my toes about what I say and who is around when I say it.

I always picture people I'm not quite certain about reciting the Jack Nicholson Joker quote when they begin talking with me.  "And, now, folks, it's time for Who Do You Trust!  Hubba, hubba, hubba! Money, money, money!  Who do you trust? Me?"

The question at the start of this post is from all.things.fadra.  Today is Sunday.  I have been absent from Stream of Consciousness Sunday for two weeks, but am back on it today.  Click the link or the badge to learn more about this five minute writing process.



  1. I have been in that situation myself. It sucks to have to monitor what you say all the time.

    I am vey impressed by how much you were able to write in 5 minutes!

    1. Sorry you've been through it, too.

      For this one, I knew exactly what I wanted to write so I was type, type, typing away the whole time (unlike some of the other days)

      I went into the 8-11 minute range with trying to find the pic of Jack, though.


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