24 March 2012

Got to love hospitality

A beautiful day for a track meet today.

Only issue is that I want to continue with my health kick and coach hospitality is not really conducive to that.

Today, I was tempted and succumbed to a Krispy Creme glazed donut - two, half a sandwich, some generic sandwich cookies, and some chips.

Not too bad today.

My goals are to bring more of my own food, not spend my own money at meets (unless the food is too cheesy or has been sitting out too long), to stay hydrated, and to not over eat during the meets.

We'll see how I do Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and next Saturday.


  1. That's a lot of meets. Good luck with your goals -- setting them is definitely the first step, eh?

    1. Thanks. It's going to be a long week... one of the reasons I hesitated to do NaBloPoMo for March and April. But, I will get through it and life will go on.

      And, I will, hopefully, not stuff myself silly at meets.


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