15 March 2012

I've found love and I hope it lasts!

Now that we've found love what are we gonna do... with it?

One of my favorite lines from a Heavy D song.

After decades of trying to find love, I have finally achieved success.

I have suffered through so much heartache and so many uncomfortable days and nights.  I have lived through mismatched fits, pairings that people suggested for me, pairings that websites suggested for me, pairings that seemed like they would last forever, but only lasted a few months and sometimes only a few days before it was over.  There have been matches that I initially thought were perfect during the first meeting, but, after deeper consideration, I realized that we didn't click as well as I thought we did.

I had been tricked or was naive or something.

I tried different types; some types that I never imagined I would try.  None of them worked out very well.

I settled.

I gave up.

I did it all.

But, now, I have found love.

I have finally found a pair of jeans that fit my body type (or my Curve ID as Levi's calls it).  And they aren't even expensive!
If you are curvy, but athletic, you too can, perhaps, find love!
So, now that I've found love, what am I going to do with it?
  • I am going to wear my jeans and not have them gape at the waist.
  • I am going to wear belts for fashion and not so that there is no gaping at the waist.
  • I am going to sit down and not have my crack show.
  • I am going to sit down and not have to worry about pulling my shirt down to cover the crack.
  • I am going to stand AND sit and not have the fabric on my thighs be too tight to move comfortably even though the waist is huge.
  • I am going to not be flooding at the ankle; and at the same time, I will not be dragging the fabric on the heals of my shoes.
  • I am going to have jeans that fit my waist, my thighs, my calfs, and my butt - and make all look good.

I am going to be comfortable and cute in a pair of jeans!

I am going to wear the crap out of them to make up for lost time wearing not-so-great jeans!

Hopefully, this lasts, and (since the tags are off and the jeans have been washed) they will still fit well and I will still love them.


  1. heading to the site now...love, I mean levi's that fit perfectly, are hard to find nowadays.

    1. So hard to find!! They do a cool thing to figure out which curve is best for you. Seemed to work for me, but in the comments there were some that didn't think it worked. Try it for yourself!

  2. What more could a girl want? Love and a pair of jeans that fit like a glove. Sure sounds like life is good in your neck of the woods! So happy for you!


  3. I'm there! I have recently had a break up with a pair of jeans i was in love with, it was me...I changed and I have had to break it to them gently. Now I need a new love for my new shape and it proving difficult to find a pair of jeans that love me as I am without a belt tagging along. Let's hope my search is over!! Ps thanks for making me smile, great way to start my day!

    1. Thanks!

      Breaking up is hard to do, though with my new attitude of getting rid of things I don't use, I am getting better at releasing old clothes.

      Good luck finding a new pair!


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