03 March 2012

Dodging practice

A few days ago the weather fabulous!  I believe it was close to 70.  Friday morning it was still pretty nice when I left for work.

As I drove north to school, the clouds opened up.  It even started hailing a bit.

By the time practice arrived, it was in the 40s, winds were high and the windchill was in the low 30s.

What a difference a day made, right?

Practice went the same way.

The previous days were nice, but on Friday, I had over 20 athletes not in attendance.  Some maybe assumed that we didn't have practice (I haven't given the track-practice-is-never-cancelled speech yet).

Others, perhaps skipped out to get ready for a school sponsored event that evening.

What was that event?


Yeah, I don't understand why they would need to prep for that, either.

I don't punish kids with running since that is part of our sport, but the place where we practice has some wonderfully steep, fairly long hills that will welcome some lunges and bear crawls.

For at least 45 minutes.

Their legs will be begging for some running.

And they will wish they had dodged that missed practice.

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