26 March 2012

Long day short writing

Not much to write today.  Long day of school and track that started when I left the house at 6:55am and lasted until after 7:30pm when I walked back in the door, showered, cooked and ate dinner, and, then, just was exhausted.

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But, I feel I must write something to continue NaBloPoMo.

I received an email to day from Blogher inviting me to join the daily blogging for April.

Part of me wants to continue since I have already been doing it for almost a month.

Another part of me wants to pass since April is the heart of track season and I am exhausted on days we have meets - 2-3 times many weeks; 4 days this week.

But, I think that I will strive on; keep on writing and, hopefully, continue to find time to write more meaningful posts than this one.


  1. I got the same invitation for April, but think I'll pass. I'll still probably write every day in April (I'm doing the A to Z Challenge), but I didn't want to feel the pressure of "having" to write for Nablopomo :)


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