27 February 2012

Finished my list, hopefully it can happen again

I have been so productive today that it is surprising.  I have finished so many things that I am actually sitting here with nothing on my list that I can still do.

Reasons why this is shocking and good:

  • I have had a hard time waking up early the past few weeks, but today I was able to wake up early enough that I was even able to stop and see my parents (mother is going out of town tomorrow and with practice, I won't be able to see her tomorrow).
  • I had a brilliant idea this morning during my stretching that may advance my life.  Have been stuck about that area for a long time, but I think I may be on to something.
  • I have been so busy most days that I have not been able to make copies ahead of the day that I need them.  Today I am 4 days ahead and completely planned in one prep, 3 days in another prep, and 2 days in another prep.  Sweet.
  • Today is the first day of spring practices.  I have already said that I am not as into it as I have been in previous years, but I still want to not look bad.  I have not been stressed about the season, despite that we don't have a track to practice on.  I have somehow managed to get everything together and things will hopefully work out well.
  • I had a checklist of 13 things I wanted to accomplish today and all of them are ticked off.  That is unheard of.  That has never happened.  But today, somehow it did.

Hopefully, this is not a fluke and it continues for more days.

Yes, I still make lists on paper.  I am about to try out Evernote and Nozbe, but for now, I'm old school.


  1. Wow! Wanna help me with mine :-)

    1. Haha!! I might have some spare time to be a personal assistant if this keeps up.

  2. You even had time to make a list about your list...awesome. I love it. And I love that you still make your lists on paper too. Old-school FTW. Congrats on getting so much done, on waking up early like you wanted to, on your brilliant idea while stretching. I hope it all continues for you too.

    1. Thanks. A lot of times, it is just easier to write things down. And, I don't want to be attached to my phone like some other smart phone users.


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