03 February 2012

A slip of a complaint

Today I slipped a little bit with my goal of reducing my negativity at work.

There were several students who were just irksome.

Most students don't seem to understand the idea of discretion.  They feel they can talk about what ever they want whenever they want.  I had to explain the concept to my Advisory a few times in just a half hour period.

Other students don't understand the reason they should not use derogatory terms when referring to people, even if a person the refer to is their friend.  I had to explain this to them several times today.

Another student has no concept of personal space and can't seem to understand that she should not stand over my shoulder and watch me grade, or just stand in front of me and stare at me as I am doing work.  Not because she has questions, or needs help with something, just because she wants to stare.


All of these made me slip into a negative mindset.  I didn't really snap on any of them, just a stern explaining, but I had several negative thoughts about the girl and even complained about her to other faculty members.

I haven't complained about a student in a few weeks, and I almost feel guilty for doing so.

I guess I just had to get it off of my chest at the time.  I don't feel better for doing so, though it was, momentarily, nice to hear that others have similar problems with the girl.

Complaining did not accomplish anything, though.

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