07 February 2012

Mission statement to reset my life

Last month, I saw something on Twitter about a 31 Days to Reset Your Life workshop for helping manifest change in your life.  I read many of the 31 activities, even did a few of them.

This month, I saw that the author is sending out the messages again, so I decided to start from the very beginning, a very good place to start.

For Day 6, the activity was to make a personal mission statement that incorporates values that were developed and analyzed during Days 4 and 5.  Here is my mission statement:
I value all manifestations of love in my life, so I will make sure that I remain honest and open with the people I love.  I will take care of myself and my health, diet, appearance, and mental stability.  To do this, I will not work to please others, I will work to meet my goals and follow my mission.  At the same time, I will think outside of myself so I see the bigger picture of my actions and inactions.  Thinking outside of myself will help me to have a positive impact on the people I encounter, and the people those people will encounter.  I will be kind to everyone regardless of how I am treated or how I feel because a smile and kind words really can make a difference.  I will always pay myself and will always continue to learn and to share my knowledge with others.
I will occasionally post some of the activities I complete through the rest of the 31 Day Reset.


  1. Loving people despite how we feel and how they behave has been a big focus for me as well. Great job on your mission statement.

    Yes, please continue to share, I'd love to read more.

  2. Thanks for stopping in Sabrina. I will definitely try and post more of this journey here. It is difficult sometimes to remember to treat people as nicely as we know they should be treated when a) we are in sour moods b) they are in sour moods c) they don't treat us well. But despite it all, being nice does make a difference and can change that person's (and your own) mood.


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