26 February 2012

Kid Sis #1

Today it is all about Kid Sis#1 - she made me a big sister on this date years ago.

I remember so many fun times we had as children.

There were Barbies whose hair we decorated, braided, cut, and then realized that they were then useless since the hair would not grow back.

There were bike rides down the slope of the driveway that we saved for the "older siblings" since it was so steep.  Seriously, we didn't let Kid Sis #2 or #3 go to that part of the driveway because it was too much of a hill and we feared that they wouldn't make it back to the garage.  If you have been to my parents' home, you know that a) the ground must have seriously eroded that hill away or if that is not true, then, b) we were really small and weak to think that it was a hill, or c) we really just wanted to keep the fun to Big Bro and the first two girls of the family.

There were our fabulous, itchy fashion tights, which she clearly didn't find too uncomfortable since she could sleep in them at picnics.  I remember that she used to really love wearing dresses.  All.  The.  Time.  And, somehow, she was still cute even with her braids sticking straight up in the air.

There were fabulous times of keeping ourselves entertained while waiting for the parents to finish their meetings with the grown folks.  We could poke fun of the adults as they tried to drive out of driveways that seemed to have suddenly become obstacle courses "Left, left, straight, straight, STOP!"  There were parents' screams to long lost friends that we adopted when we would greet each other.  Oh, how I love all those adults that were in my life during my childhood.  There were discoveries in the 'creek' behind the house.  There were band trips, football games, and so many great track meets.

Winning state my senior year with my kid sister on the relay team with me was really something I will not forget.

There were more fun times than I can remember dancing, singing, playing with the new puppy, and just laughing.

So much laughing.

As time has gone on, she has grown into an adult that I love to laugh with.

I always smile on the first of the month when she sends me audio of the Bone Thugs song.  Laugh when she sends me audio from The Princess Bride.

Oh, all the movies and books.  We used to adore Fox Thirtaaay (why did that guy say 30 like that????) and all of its 80s/early 90s movies.  Each time the Joy Luck Club comes on, I have to send my sisters a text that "You, you have best quality heart."

So many special moments I share with her.

I remember the fear that was instilled in me when I was around 6 and thought I had seriously brought her close to death after a jump rope accident (note to all - if there are only two people, do not tie one end of the jump rope to a semi-stationary bike or else the bike may fall and bust open your kid sister's head).

Now, she is off being a doctor on the East Coast.  Still making me laugh.  Still being a beautiful person inside and out.

Still sharing stories of her revolutionary fashion/cosmetic ideas.  Still living it up with friends old and new.  Still building upon her fabulous fitness, though it has changed from cheering, sprinting, and dancing to more distance running.

Still a compassionate person, and fortunately, still making her famous cheesecake that makes me not even like other peoples' (besides Kid Sis #3 who learned from her).

One of our favorite songs to sing on siblings' birthdays:


  1. Why have I NOT heard this Michael Jackson song before?!

    1. Consider the song a belated birthday gift for you... instead of sister, plug in brother-from-another-mother(and father).

  2. That is so sweet. I have so many fun memories of my brother, but we live on separate coasts and aren't nearly as close as I'd like to be. Plus, I always wanted a sister. :)

    1. Thanks! It's hard when you are far, but I'm sure he knows you care about him.

  3. I've never heard this song! Too funny, I'm smothered in sisters as well. Guess I need to share before the month is over, huh? LOL. I have a Lisa in my lineup as well.

    1. You should totally sing that song for your Lisa on her birthday!! I love it and MJ singing always brightens my siblings' days.

  4. This is such a lovely post! Thank you for sharing it. :)

    1. Thanks. I appreciate that. My siblings are great!


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