16 February 2012

I can't take any more sitting

Yesterday and today I have sat in an incredible iWork workshop learning how to do some really cool things that I will soon start implementing with my students (and using for my own personal use).

We have learned how to create slideshows, use the cool tricks that Macs have, read internet documents better, annotate assignments that students turn in, annotate websites that they visit, and create and manipulate iMovies.

It has been really cool and super informative.  I took a TON of notes and tried everything out and am looking forward to doing them in the classroom.

However, there is nothing more tiring than just sitting all day.

I don't know how people with jobs like that do it.

I love teaching and walking around and presenting information and moving.  Sitting on my ass for seven hours and eating lunch in the same room where the workshop is occurring is really not conducive to me staying awake and being productive the entire time.

I actually had to drink a soda today to gain some energy... and I don't drink soda.  Have only had about two handfuls of them in the past 15 years.

Looking forward to getting back in the classroom tomorrow and playing with my new knowledge to create lessons and projects.


  1. I know how you feel. After sitting all day, I want to walk around as well. I've found, however, that this is not an acceptable decision if you're in the midst of gentlemen...they will all but require that you sit while in their presences. :)

  2. I definitely understand you're a person who'd like to move around and do something productive with your time. But look at it in a different angle, you weren't entirely unproductive, you learned how to operate the iWork software which can be useful for you in the future. Plus I do admire that you put up with 7 hours of just sitting (yeah I know how it feels) just to learn something new.

  3. That's awesome! I'd love to learn something like that someday! And I'm sure your students will enjoy this..

    As for sitting all day.. I know how you feel.

  4. @ Sabrina - Sucks that the men can control the meetings like that, huh?

  5. @ CFAgbata - Thanks, I do need to remember the brighter sie of the situation. There were so many great things that I learned.

  6. @ Larissa Tenorio - It was so cool. Some of it might be on the Apple websites, but I'm not sure. I am sure the students will love it when they get to finally use their creativity in the classroom more.


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