13 February 2012

A friendship that will never end

When I was younger I used to love to close the door to my room and record music on tapes from the radio (yes, I am dating myself).  It would sometimes take forever to get a song recorded perfectly.  You had to make sure the DJ’s voice interrupting the beginning or the end of the song.  It was an art to get the intro and outro perfectly.

When I got a song perfectly, I would replay them and pretend I was the artist with my fake mike, dancing on top of my bed, watching myself in the large dresser mirror.

Some of my favorites were Whitney songs.  

As I got older and went through various teen issues, different songs piqued my interest.

The Waiting to Exhale soundtrack was on point for so many reasons - despite the not-so-great messages of the movie, I took away the great friendships.  Still to this day, if I hear a song from that album and it comes to and end, I start singing whatever song was next in order.

Today, when I was driving to and from work, they were playing Ms Houston.  

It brought back so many memories.  

There were so many songs that she sang where the lyrics touched me and what I was going through (in reality, or in my imagined life).  Every song that was played brought back memories of times past and lessons learned and how I got through things I didn't think I would make it through.

I think that those memories as well as the thought of her daughter are really touching me at this time.

I know that as I listened to the songs they were often reassurances to me that things would be ok.  That friends would be there for me, that I would one day find a man to run to, who would love me for me.

I hope that her messages in the songs will one day be a form of peace for Bobbi Kristina.


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