18 February 2012

The solution to my DNA problem

My sisters and I always have made fun of the fact that our feet are super light in color.  We would sometimes sit outside by the pool with pants or a towel over our legs in the summer time in hopes that we would miraculously be able to make our feet closer to the color of the rest of our bodies.

It never worked.

We were somehow cursed with a mis-blending of our parents DNA.  

Our mother is darker in color, and most of us have that coloring in our bodies.

Our father is lighter in hue, and somehow we all gained his coloring mostly in our feet.

Strange, but true.

I once was standing behind some sort of screen that showed my feet, but not my upper body.  A person saw me step out and said that they thought it was a white person.

I have always wondered about what would happen if I went into a tanning salon and asked them to just do my feet.

When the spray tanning phenom became larger, I wondered what that would do for my feet.  One great thing about most people I see with spray tans is that they are no longer white and pale (not that there is anything wrong with that coloring, some of the most beautiful people I have seen are super-white).

Unfortunately, most of the people I see who spray tan turn umpa lumpa orange that looks very unnatural and you can tell that they have sprayed themselves.

This coloring made me worry even more about what spray tanning would do to my brown skin.

Yesterday, at the end of the school day, I had a student who had some spray tan with her.  She had on shorts that day since it was in the upper 50s.  I must have said something about how she wasn't pale after a winter of covering up and she mentioned spraying herself. 

She happened to have the spray with her and I asked to look at it.  I read the instructions and decided to try it out on my hands.  

I had my summer brownness.  It was great.

Then the real test.  My feet.

I tried it out on my feet and it was so great that I had to take pictures and send them to my sisters.  Still not the same color as the rest of my body, but a much closer match.

I have never seen my feet so brown.  Even when I would tan them for hours, wear thong sandals constantly, take off my shoes at summer track meets - never browned my feet as much as this.

Besides the fact that it stinks, and washes off really easily, and will end up being costly...

I may have found the cure to my mis-blended DNA - spray tan.



  1. Love it now can we find a non-surgical cure for my abnormally large umm assets that are in front of me so they can match with the rest of my body?

    1. If you can inject some of them into some sort of stay-fresh container, maybe you can drop some off in StL during your next trip to CoMo and I can make use of them in my smaller assets.


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