28 February 2012

Stretching and finishing lists... again

Day two of track practice, day two of finishing off everything on my to-do list.

I am happy that practice is going well so far.  I am happy that I am able to use some of the time I use to demonstrate technique to the students as a way for me to incorporate some cardio into my life.  I am also able to use the cool down portion of practice to stretch more (in addition to the morning (daily) and pre-bed (sometimes) stretching that I do).

I am a little sore in my back, but not quite as sore all over as I have been in past seasons after a few days and I attribute that to my morning stretching routine.


  1. Very nice. Interesting how it seems to be inevitable that what we do at home comes to work with us (and vice verse of course too) so good for you to be stretching and doing positive things at home, and then you bring that positive with you to work and to practice.

    1. Thanks. I guess it is like that saying about how excellence is not a final destination, it is what we repeatedly do (or something like that)... though I am far from excellent, perhaps I can keep doing some smart things in my life and be bette than I was yesterday.


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