20 February 2012

Removing negativity from my life

As part of the 31 Day Reset, I am removing negative people in my life.  I started to do this when I first read about the assignment last month, and it was really a great idea.  Now, I am going to do it even more.

I find that most of the negativity I encounter is at work - surprisingly (to those not in education), it is often more of the adults than the students who are negatively.

I have already started to not be involved in negative commentary between classes or at lunch.  When around these sorts of conversations, I don't add my two cents of negativity.  I either try to bring up the positive, correct the person who believes something to be negative or attacking them even though it is not, don't say anything, or (I find this actually refreshing) leave the conversation entirely.  I have already found that some of the coworkers don't bring up the negative things to me any more.  Not sure if this is because I am always bringing out the positive, but it is better than hearing them constantly complain about something.

Outside of work, I will likely be ending "friendships" with people on FB who are always negative in their updates.  I am sorry that you are going through some things with your boos in your life, but I don't need to read about it constantly.  Constantly.  Work on you.

It really has been putting me into a better place during the day.  

With students (I can't get away from them unless it is not during class time), I tell them about what the positives of the situation are whether it is an assignment, the lack of snow days, the fact that they were up late with friends and are now tired, etc.  I put a positive spin on assignments and encourage them that they are prepared for quizzes and tests.  I let them know that they should feel good that they have a choice in what they choose to do for their projects.  I tell them that they are cool people and that they can choose not to associate with someone who is bringing them down.

Track starts up in a week.  We have no track at our school right now.  I have already told the other coaches not to complain about it, that we should be excited about getting a new facility.  I have told them that our attitudes about it all will impact how the athletes view it.  We'll see how it works out when we start.  I also have to work on seeing the positive in track even though it takes me some time to get used to being "on" for that many more hours in the day, especially with weather playing a part in our conditions for three hours outside.

I hope that I am imparting a more positive spin in all of the situations.  

Snark is fine at times, but when it is the only thing you are doing, it is really a bad look.  

Isn't there anything better for you to do than be negative about almost everything happening?


  1. I used to find ppl who always bring up the positive annoying but I find that I am more and more like that, especially since I have an 18-mo old who I'm trying to teach to be positive in the face of challenges/don't get what he wants.

    Thanks for sharing! You have courage to bring up the positive in face of negativity and also to walk away. Bravo!!!!

    1. I used to hate when people did that, also. But, somehow I have become ok with it and it really helps me get through my days.


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