01 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday: We need to teach girls

For so many young (and old).  Don't remember where I saw this, maybe on FB.

Starting another month of blogging each day.


  1. Yes! Teaching at community college, we see all too few young men. Somehow I have a class this semester with over 50% men, many of them Iraq and Afghan war vets. They are, as usual, teaching me more than I teach them. So there is hope in me that young men are more inclined to do the right thing by our young women.

  2. @ Melanie - I'm glad that you are seeing some improvements at the CC where you teach.

  3. Excited for another month of blogging. I was wondering, how can I "follow" you on your blog page? I like to read your posts but sometimes miss them because I don't get them on my feed.

    Do you have a follow button?

  4. @ Larissa - Thanks for wanting to follow. For some reason I thought I had a button for that already on here, but I guess not. I have added the button and a spot to put your email if you want to do it that way.


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