02 February 2012

Goal setting review

One month into the year and I am doing better than usual.  
Usually I don’t make resolutions.  This year, I set a few goals to help myself become a better person.
One month into the year, and I am reviewing the goals I set at the start of the year to see where I am with their achievement.
  1. Limiting contact with people who cause me stress:  I have been pretty good at this.  I have limited contact with people at work who are almost constantly negative to the necessities.  When they are negative around me, I either leave the situation politely, or change the subject to something more positive, or try to help them see the situation in a more positive light.  In my personal life, I don’t really have people who are negative around me.  
  2. Becoming better at letting people closer to me:  I haven’t really worked on this as much, though I am trying to be more open with people.  On the flip side, I am trying to keep some of my personal stuff more personal while at work - we are acquaintances and not really besties, anyway.
  3. Becoming a better verbal communicator:  I am working at this and believe I am becoming clearer with what I am saying.  Sometimes, this means that I have prethought about what I will say to someone, but I am also becoming better at doing this impromptu.
  4. Doing things to help become healthier:  I have been stretching every morning, which is helping my back.  But I have definitely not been doing it as long as I need to because I am really loving my bed in the morning.  I never used to be a snooze buttoner, and still don’t hit it, but I do sometimes lay there an additional 5-20 minutes some days.  I have not done any cardio this year and I have yet to see the chiropractor.  I am taking care of the other medical stuff and have been eating more vegetables and healthier food.
  5. Getting rid of items in my home and at work:  I have gotten rid of something each day of January and each of the two days this month (today it was an old pair of running shoes that I have been saving to use when I start cardio, but that I know are way too worn to be comfortable - they hurt just to stand in, I can’t imagine what they feel like to run in).  

I believe that I have a way to go with each of the items, but I am happy that I am following through with each of them.
My motto is still “Be better than you were yesterday”.

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